Bureau's Activities, Design Team and Clients List
Vasil Vasilev, MA, Design architect

Born  in  22.09.1976 in Sofia

1995 - Graduated High school education -151 SOUPI, Sofia - Department  “Audiovision“, qualification “Photography and camera mastership”
1998 - 2000    Odessa State Academy of Building and Architecture  - Odessa, Ukraine
2000 - 2006    University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia 
specialization  in academic department  “Industrial building” - Graduated in 2006, Master Degree

Professional experience: 
2001 - 2003   “ Nu Image Bulgaria” Ltd.
2004 - 2005    ”DAS Engeneering”Ltd. 
April – October  2005  “Sityscape”Ltd.
Since December  2005  - “Architectural Bureau Dimitrov”

Main projects:
”Silver city”- “-Sofia - study, creative project
”Trade entertaining center “Sky city“ ”Restaurant complex  “Simeonovo“ 

”DAS Engeneering”Ltd.:  
”Home building for seasonal residency - st. Vlas “- technical project in team 
“Hotel * * * * Bansko” –  creative,technical  project in team
”Hotel- Skay  Way “– Simeonovo” - creative and technical  project  in team

 “Nu  Image Bulgaria” Ltd.:
“Cinema studio complex - Nu Image” -study,creative  project.

Award competition projects in team:
”Fair hall # 1 and new major access of the fair in Plovdiv”
”Trade - entertaining  center  Rilon”, Plovdiv
”Administrative and trade center “KRIOMA”

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© Architectural Bureau DIMITROV, All rights reserved, August, 2022
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