Company\'s significant project developments presentation
Building 11 of Business Park Sofia / 2003
Total built-up area – 13 450 m2 / Project – 2003

Investor: Business Park Sofia
Assignor: Lindner Bulgaria
Design: Dimitar Dimitrov
Stages: preliminary, technical & working design, interior design

This project represents a multifunctional building with office, storage and commercial functions. It is part of the complex of Business Park Sofia and is purposed for rent.

The building is facing the main alley of the Business Park and the pond. The entrances are organized as follows: to the south- two main entrances for workers and visitors, as well as entrances for the trade areas for industrial goods (showrooms); to the north –entrances towards storages and freight elevators on the ground level; to the west- covered ramp towards the storages in the underground area.

The offices are organized around two communicational and installation cores, connected to smoke-proof staircases. The vertical communication is ensured by two staircases with an elevator for 13 persons each. There are two atriums, roofed with glazed metal construction and shaded with blinds. A pedestrian connection exists between the two atriums and the multi-storey parking (through a fire-protecting antechamber) on the second floor level. On the other levels the connection with the parking is ensured for specific offices again through fire-protecting antechambers.

The Project also comprises a detailed development of the interior spaces of the atriums, entrances and the lobbies on the different levels.

The architectural image of the interior pursuits the idea of reviving the corporate office environment. The wall paneling, floorings and ceilings create a plain background for the active elements of the furnishing – sitting cubes in different colors and sizes as well as large plant pots.

Mobility and various configurations of the furnishing insert vividness in the environment as well as the element of surprise and interactive attitude from the inhabitants towards their working place.

The project is characterized by the use of standard and familiar materials applied in an unexpected and provoking combination.

© Architectural Bureau DIMITROV, All rights reserved, August, 2022
© Architectural Bureau DIMITROV, All rights reserved, August, 2022
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