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During its activities Architectural Bureau Dimitrov is beeng guided by the philosophy of ensuring the client with the best service possible within the budget. 

Since 01.04.2010 team members have certificates from lowenergy buildings planning education in two stages, incl. sustainable development, passive buildings, software tools.

The bureau has at its disposal PHPP 2007 - passive buildings planning software, 9 packages Autodesk AutoCAD 2010 and 9 packages Autodesk REVIT 2010. The combination of the latter CAD software permits the formation of a network environment of three-dimensional parametric model of the project in progress, as well as compatibility with other AutoCAD-based software used by the engineers.

Since 14.07.2006 till 2012 company holds and follows Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001-2008.

Architectural Bureau Dimitrov starts its activity in February 2004 as a continuation of the independent designing practice of arch. Dimitar Dimitrov, which covers the period 1993-2004, when he was a sole proprietor. The formation of the Bureau is a logical result from the enlarged volume of work.

The association offers a package of professional services related to architectural designing, design and entire management and coordination of the projects, as well as graphical visualization. Some of the most well-known designing engineers are partners of the Bureau – Civil engineers, Construction engineers, Electrical engineers, Plumbing and Sewer engineers, HVAC engineers, Technologists, Artists.

Until now the ABD’s activities have been mainly connected to the architectural design and entire coordination of projects for public (offices, banks, sports halls, multistory parking, etc.) and industrial buildings, urban planning projects, restoration and reconstruction, interior and design.

Other projects

Centilion Ltd.
Devnya Cement
Shumen Municipality
Peugeot Office building - facades redesign
Building of TNT Bulgaria
Office building of Four Wind Bulgaria
Office of 3М
Office and storage of Alexandra Group
Office and storage of Allied Pickfords
Office and storage of Allied Domecq
Office of Alianz
Office of Biochim
Office of UBB
Office of Carlsberg
Office and storage of Eurocom Cable
Office of ESI Center
Office and residence of Imro
Office of Globul
Office of Germanos
Office of Henkel
Office of Group 4 Securitas
Office and storage of Hilti
Office of Jet Finance
Office of Kraft
Office of Janssen-Cilag
Office of Kamenitza
Office of Legrand
Office of Philips
Office of Sony Bulgaria
Office of Postbank
Office of Rigips
Office of Raiffeisen Bank
Office of Schneider Electric
Office of Schering
Shop of Sofia Auto
Office of TeleLink
Office of Tumbleweed
Office of Wuerth
Office of Novartis
Office of Motorola
Office of Westinghouse
Office of Umicore
Office of Puma
Office of SBM
Fashion House Agresia
Office of Am Cham
Office of BTC
Office of Bulgarian Posts
Office of Codix
Office of Energo-Pro Bulgaria
Office of hp invent
Office of Huawei Technologies
Office of Johnson&Johnson
Office, storage and shop of Mercurius
Office of FreeNet
Office of Cisco Systems
Office of Raiffeisen Leasing
Office of SG Engineering Ltd.
Stimex Office Design Center
Office of SKYLINK Travel Agency
Office of Sodexho PASS Bulgaria
Office of SBS
Office of Unilever
Office of UNICOMS Trading Ltd.
Office of Sherita М

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© Architectural Bureau DIMITROV, All rights reserved, April, 2024
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